Cuffari, Flaviano: 25 Grooves Vol. 2 (Buch + CD)

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Second book of 25grooves25 with 27 new grooves plus as much “Minus One” for drums & bass. In this second book the Minus One tracks on the CD are complete from the first bar with a few exception for grooves that needs the drum “solo”. The choise is imposed by difficulties encoutered by some students to deal with the Minus One drums of “25grooves25 volume 1” with the first bars supported only by click. The fact of including a CD containing the perfomarce is very useful to better understand what I have analysed in the bookand which might seem to complicate at a first reading. It has been a difficult task and I hope it will find appreciation among those who approach drums with enthusiasm. This selection obviously includes research on the work of the performers. Biographies and photos come along with each and every stage of the work, from the very beginning of the artistic carrer till today. If you don't mind my giving you a piece of advice, listen to the groove and perform those you like most, but while playing always try to be true to yourselves. This is the only way to learn something keeping you own personality.
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