Payne, Jim: 100 Famous Funk Beats (Buch + CD)

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Transcriptions of over 100 famous drum set rhythms from the classic funk, R&B and soul tunes of the ‘60s & 70’s. The accompanying 90 track CD features the author playing many of the rhythms transcribed in the book and is meant as an educational tool.


Author Information and Copyright
About the CD & the Transcriptions
Notes on Selected CD Rhythms
A Mini-History of the Elements of R&B, Funk & Soul Drumming
Beats in Order of Difficulty
Section 1
Beats by Drummers who Recorded with James Brown
Section 2
Classic Rhythms of R&B, Funk & Soul
Section 3
George Brown - Kool & The Gang
Section 4
James "Diamond" Williams - Ohio Players
Section 5
David Garibaldi - Tower Of Power
Section 6
Mike Clark
Appendix A
Author’s Notes on Specific Beats on the CD

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