Karas, Sperie: Drumset Groove Control

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Drumset Groove Control - 124 S.; 100 Groove Übungen, auch mit ungeraden Takten und Taktwechseln; für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene, Text engl.

Drumset Groove Control by Sperie Karas presents a great workout for drummers who would like to benefit from the author's long-standing experience as a drummer, educator, and author. "My goal with this book, Drumset Groove Control, is to give you the security and command you‘ll need for the challenges you will encounter in the music of today‘s world," says Sperie about his latest release. This book is full of advice and suggestions how to play the drumset in contemporary rock and pop music and addresses the odd and changing meters also. "Your careful work with this book, will enhance your coordination and technique and will be a great aid in solving the groove problems, that you are consistently confronted with. Your solo ideas and drum licks will also greatly benefit from this book!" Sperie leads the drummer through a total of 124 pages, by indicating pertinent information on each page relating to that particular exercise. PART 1 of Drumset Groove Control – which is the most comprehensive part of this book – emphasizes the grooves in rock, pop, funk, soul, and blues, not only in 4/4 time, but in odd meters also. Sperie shows you how to control these grooves on the drumset and make them a part of your own drumming vocabulary. In PART 2 the focus is on Changing Meter Pieces – a great aid to you when you are called upon to perform more modern contemporary music! Part 3 – the last section – deals with integrating Tom Toms and the Snare Drum. „A lot of solo inspiration will come to you as you experiment with the integrating of Toms and Snare, and you‘ll be amazed at the limitless grooves and licks you‘ll discover.“ At the end of this book, "you will have reached the beginning of your never ending journey in drumming!"

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