Queensryche: Operation: Rockenfield (Buch + CD)

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A collaboration between professional drummer Joe Bergamini and educator Craig R. LeMay, Operation: Rockenfield is the first of its kind for Queensryche. This book contains detailed transcriptions, exclusive interviews and photos, a historical record of Queensrycheís music and listings of all the equipment Queensryche drummer, Scott Rockenfield used on every album and tour, spanning the bands entire career. At over 100 pages in length, including educational analysis and technical recommendations, this book is packed with a wealth of material for readers to digest. This book features 21 songs such as Eyes of a Stranger, Jet City Woman, Queen of the Reich, I Donít Believe in Love and other greatest hits. This is the first in a series of artist analysis books from Carl Fischer Music that centers on prominent artists in the pop and rock world. Included with this book is a supplemental CD recorded by Scott Rockenfield that features sample drum tracks.
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