Burnin' Beats!

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Burnin' Beats! - 52 farbige Karten mit 50 bekannten Beats aus Rock, Metal, jazz, Funk u.a.; Text engl.


A fantastic compilation of fifty essential drum beats that every drummer should know, from rock, metal and pop to jazz, funk and reggae. The beats are featured on easy-to-read cards with full colour photographs and clear diagrams. Each card includes standard drum notation, with images and inside info for each beat on the flipside.

Ideal for drummers of all abilities, and great for teachers and students these flash cards provide brilliant material for any drummer's practice schedule.

Beats include: When The Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin); Take Five (Dave Brubeck), Ticket To Ride (The Beatles), Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon) and many, many more!

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