Modern Drummer Legends Steve Smith

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Modern Drummer Legends Steve Smith - 248 S.; brand new content and interviews; Insigth, analysis and drum transcriptions and more; Text engl.


In the new STEVE SMITH LEGENDS, you get a brand new 40-page interview which covers Steve's entire career and virtually every band and recording in which he's played as a sideman or a leader including: Jean-Luc Ponty, Ronnie Montrose, Steps Ahead, Vital Information, Mike Stern, Hiromi, the many editions of the band Electric Miles, the tribute gigs playing The Music of Coltrane and The Music of Ornette Coleman. We discuss what it means to be a professional drummer and musician, the history of jazz and fusion drumming, the music business, and being an eternal student of the drums and music. To help you study how Steve interprets music and creates drum parts, he gave us eight of his own handwritten drum charts from the Journey and Mike Stern gigs. The reader also gets an in-depth step-by-step lesson on Indian rhythms and drumming. LEGENDS also comes with a free download component of Steve's drum solo recording The Fabric of Rhythm (a $200 value) with exclusive in-depth explanations of each solo. For the gear obsessed drummers, Steve gives us a complete rundown of every drum set that he has owned, recorded, and toured with, and hundreds of never-before-seen pictures from his own archive. You will also get over 50 brand new transcriptions. However, LEGENDS transcriptions are not just the notes and rests. LEGENDS also includes Steve's thoughts on what makes the transcribed parts and recordings special and unique. Along with the detailed transcriptions, we discuss WHAT and WHY he played what he did. Plus, you get all six of Steve's past Modern Drummer cover feature interviews. There are a lot of surprises in every LEGENDS book, and there is a mountain of useful information inside the over 248 pages! This is not just another drum book or magazine, it's Modern Drummer LEGENDS.

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