Haas, Jonathan: Jazz Virtuostics for Timpani

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Jazz Virtuostics for Timpani - 80 S.; Etüden, Übungen und Lead Sheets für Pauken im Jazz; für Fortgeschrittene, Text engl.

This book is constructed so that you will be able to learn and share the unique experience of Jazz Timpani, with other musicians. Ian has provided both the lead sheets and written out versions of the same piece, note by note. We both agree that one of the goals you should set for yourself is the ability to play from the lead sheet/chord changes. However, if you find the written out versions are most beneficial in the beginning, not to worry. Find yourself other musicians (guitar, bass, vibraphone, piano, drums) and share the lead sheet with them - you can either play your own version from the lead sheet or the written version.

This book is also intended for the classical timpanist. While you may not have an interest or desire in becoming the next jazz timpanist, this book will be an enormous asset in widening your timpani experience, tuning ability, pedaling, and time/feel. I have found that playing jazz timpani is one of the most beneficial approaches to music making that I have used – it has greatly improved my musicianship, ear, and world of music making. I am confident the same will reveal itself to you!

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