Abe, Keiko: My Marimba Works

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My Marimba Works - An Approach to Interpretation and Expression - 244 S.; ein Buch über 69 der Werke Keiko Abes, deren Einstudierung und Aufführung, Editors: Eri Yamashita & Michael Udow; Text engl.

As a musical trailblazer, virtuoso marimbist Keiko Abe can be compared with other musical luminaries like cellist Pablo Casals, Spanish classical guitarist Narciso Epes, and pianist Glenn Gould. Thanks to her years of international performances, compositions, and teaching, her musical works have become standard literature worldwide. In this edition, from over 300 compositions, 69 published works including solos, concerti, marimba duos, marimba ensembles, as well as works for marimba with percussion ensembles, orchestras, and wind ensembles are discussed in detail with insightful interpretive concepts and helpful technical suggestions by the composer. The works are grouped into seven common themed sections: Japanese Children’s Songs, Memories of the Seashore, Prism, Wind Across Mountain, Tambourine Paraphrase, The Wave, and Monologue. Among the 69 works included in this edition are: Frog MICHI Dream of the Cherry Blossoms Voice of Matsuri Drums Kazak Lullaby Piacer d'amor Alone Variations on Dowland's Lachrimae Pavana Galilee Impressions for Six Mallets The Breath of the Tree II Ancient Vase Little Windows Song of Trees Good Days Long Gone Song of the Soul

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