Cheung, Pius: Classical Sonata for solo marimba

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Classical Sonata began as a composition exercise to write in the style of Beethoven. Needless to say, this work can in no way be compared to the genius of Beethoven. It is merely my humble tribute as a composer and marimbist to one of the greatest geniuses in the history of music. Structurally, this piece follows the traditional sonata form, which of course is one of the biggest trademarks of the era. The work is in four movements. First, in sonata-allegro form; Second, is slow, singing, and elegant; Third*, a short scherzo; Fourth, also in sonata-allegro form with a short glimpse of the first movement in the middle. The entire work is about 23 minutes long. * The Third movement was added after the premiere of the work, where I performed it in a special tribute concert held by the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra. ca. 23 mins.

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Classical Sonata ii mvt
Classical Sonata iv mvt


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