Cheung, Pius: Musical Moment No. 4 (Dance of the Golden Mean)

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Dance of the Golden Mean is the fourth of a set of five Musical Moments written during my years studying at the Curtis Institute of Music. All five Musical Moments are based on the same four note motif.

This piece is four voice fugue. Structurally, it is very traditional. It starts with an exposition section where the subject is presented in all 4 voices. Then a development section where the subject and counter-subjects evolve. At the point of the golden mean is the return of the exposition, but this time the subject is inverted. Ending with a short coda.

Though intended for solo marimba, this piece can also be performed with a marimba duo, trio, or quartet, splitting the voices between players.

ca. 4 mins.

Click to listen sound clip - Musical Moment No. 4 - Dance of the Golden Mean

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