Cheung, Pius: Sonata in c, Vitanata for solo marimba

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Sonata in c, Vitanata was written in 2005 for my performance at the Fifth International Marimba Festival in Mexico, where I premiered the work. "Vita" is latin for life. This piece is programmatic, not in the sense of there being a story behind it, but that it depites the essence or journey of life as I see it. The entire piece is based on one short motif which circles around the interval of a third. This motif is introduced as the second subject of the first movement.

The entire work is in four movements. The first is in traditional sonata-allegro form. The second is an intimid nocturne based on the theme-motif, with reminiscence of the first movement in the middle. The third is a scherzo-like fugue, the subject of which is also derived from the theme-motif. The fourth is a slow chorale which begins as a tragic requiem representing death, but transforms into a peaceful hymn of the theme-motif, representing life after death, Utopia.

ca. 30 mins.

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Sonata in c, Vitanata (i movement-excerpt 1)

Sonata in c, Vitanata (i movement-excerpt 2)

Sonata in c, Vitanata (iii movement)

Sonata in c, Vitanta (iv movement)

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