Cheung, Pius: Poetic Fantasy for Marimba

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15 S.; 4 Schl., 5-Oktav-Marimba; schwer

Year of publication: 2009
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Poetic Fantasy on YouTube

Johan Bridger (World-Premiere)

Poetic Fantasy

Poetic Fantasy is dedicated to percussionist, Johan Bridger. In a way, it is a sequel/short-extension to another solo marimba composition of mine which runs for about 40 minutes, Symphonic Poem. From the title, one can gather that this piece is not a factual statement, but a poetic description of an abstract feeling. Structurally, it is loosely an A-B-A-B form, though it should sound 'free', like a wanderer dwelling in impression and expression.

Pius Cheung

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