Chiu, Calvin: Rust for Solo Marimba

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Rust for Solo Marimba - 5 Min.; 3 Sätze, 4 Schl., schwer


Rust is written under the concept of an organic life form, after experiencing various encounters in life, decays into simple organic or inorganic matter that constructs the world we live in.  The striking rhythmic motive in the beginning of the piece represents one’s heartbeat - the powerful sound of birth. As the piece progresses, this motive remains and transforms into different forms- symbolizing the intertwined memories that we share in our lives. The radiant remembrance and reflection from the past will inevitably be oxidized and covered with dust, but one thing remains - the unceasing intent to live. Even though the majority of Rust accumulates a quality of desolation and turbulence, there is always an underlying sense of hope, bringing us towards resolution and acceptance.

Supported by the Stellar Composer Competition 2021.

Marimba (5. Octave)

Percussionist Calvin Chiu obtained his Master of Music degree at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music under the direction of percussion faculties John Tafoya, Kevin Bobo, Steve Houghton and Michael Spiro. He was the recipient of multiple academic and merit scholarships from JSoM, and has held the position as an Associate Instructor of the Percussion Department with full scholarship plus stipend. Prior to that, he received his Bachelor of Music Performance from the University of Central Florida under the guidance of Dean Jeffrey Moore, Kirk Gay, and Dr. Thad Anderson, where he received numerous academic scholarships such as the Mark Pores Music Scholarship Award and the James and Robert Mackley Music Scholarship Award. 

During Calvin’s time at the University of Central Florida, he was the first prize winner of the 2016-17 UCF Concerto Competition, and was awarded performance with the UCF Symphony Orchestra at the St. Luke‘s Lutheran Church. He is also the only person in the history of the College to have won UCF’s Performance Excellence Award twice consecutively. (2015-16, 2016-17) Calvin is also a finalist of the 2016 Great Plains International Marimba Competition. 

Apart from his academic achievements, Calvin is also the co-founder of the publishing company “XY publications”, where his original compositions are purchased and performed by musicians around the globe. 

Calvin currently serves as instrumental tutor and ensemble director at various schools in Hong Kong.

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