Kuyumcuyan, Emil: Azure for Marimba and Tape

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Azure for Marimba and Tape - 9 Min.; 5-Oktav-Marimba + Tape; schwer


Commissioned by the 7th World Marimba Competition Stuttgart 2022


  • Preface

    As a child or adult, I have spent unforgettable times around the Mediterranean coasts or on the prince islands of Istanbul. During the covid time, I had enormous longing or in german "Sehnsucht" for the sea. So I started to hear the piece as a journey, along the coasts around the waves, people, and cities. It is like an imaginary journey and returning to the same haven to share the stories.

    The marimba solo and tape play together and complete each other rather than the tape being in background accompaniment. I had a Turkish pop influence that I grew up with, and it evolved more to the IDM world (intelligent dance music) that I like to listen to and produce. So I always wanted to combine marimba with those sound worlds.

    I had immense fun during the composing process; I hope you will also have it while playing!

    Emil Kuyumcuyan

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