Sejourne, Emmanuel: Elyl & Tap for Marimba and Tape

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Elyl & Tap for Marimba and Tape - 7 Min.; gewidmet Lyle Mays und Pat Metheny; schwer


This work is a very modest tribute to pianist Lyle Mays (who passed away too soon) and guitarist Pat Metheny. Inseparable traveling companions, they have, since my adolescence, nourished my imagination and my writing. Their incredible precision and rhythmic complexity do not prevent superb lyrical flights, just as the complexity of some of their compositions in no way hinders their relaxation and the apparent ease of playing. I think that many "difficult contemporary" pieces should be played with this feeling.

I deliberately wrote few dynamics, leaving a certain freedom to the instrumentalist who must know how to melt or must know how to come out as a soloist at the right times, depending on the adjustment of the diffusion of the accompaniment.

A big thank you to Edition Svitzer for their trust and a big thank you to Adelaide Ferrière who is the dedicatee and who will not fail to play this work with her panache and her beautiful energy.

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