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We Three Kings

O Holy Night

Away in the manger/Silent Night

Little Drummer Boy

The purpose of this edition is to provide the working percussionist with a collection of Christmas carols, all of which are concert worthy. Appropriate for a variety of settings, these pieces can be performed as solos, duets, or with any larger number of players. Great care was taken to maintain the integrity and character of each piece. Various techniques for two and four mallets are incorporated, as well as many different styles of music from around the world. The order of the pieces as it is, can work well for a concert program. The performer should feel free to improvise his/her own ideas when musically relevant. Some pieces were arranged for a four-and-a-half octave marimba, and will need to be transposed up an octave, or into another key to be used on a smaller marimba. Reference CD included. high school/ college.
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