Okano, Teiichi: Furusato for Marimba Solo

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Furusato for Marimba Solo - 5 Min.; 5 Oktav-Marimba, Bearbeitung eines japanischen Volksliedes von Eriko Daimo; mittelschwer


Furusato, which is translated into 'hometown', is a Japanese folksong.  One day while I was on tour in Europe, I was walking alone to a concert hall to give a performance, and I suddenly felt very nostalgic towards my hometown in Kagoshima, Japan, and its people. The melody of Furusato was circling in my mind, therefore I played it as an encore for that performance.  Since then, I have played this piece on numerous occasions, and also decided to commit it to paper.  My hope is that this music will bring the listeners of this CD fond memories of your loved ones and your own hometown.

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