Glennie, Evelyn: Perpetual Motion

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Perpetual Motion - 18 S.; 10 Titel für junge Marimbaspieler, 4 Mallets, leicht bis mittelschwer

I originally wrote this collection of 10 pieces for solo piano. I used to love playing collections of piano pieces for young people by composers such as Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Corea and others. Several of these collections I have arranged for percussion. This gave me the inspiration to transcribe these pieces to mallet instruments.

All the pieces have technical challenges that will help young players develop co-ordination, balance of hands, stretching and stamina. However, each piece is a musical ‘story’. These stories can be developed in any way you wish by allowing your imagination and curiosity to take you on a journey of discovery!

Dame Evelyn Glennie

Clockwork Chimes
Sleeping Snowman
The Lonely Traveller
Rustica Danza
Perpetual Motion
Courting Counting
Ghost Waltz
Toiling Lumberjacks

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