Woud, Nick: Xylo-Fun

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Xylo-Fun - 55 S.; 25 Musical Sketches for Xylophone, Glockenspiel and Vibraphone; 2 Schl., mittel bis schwer

"I strongly believe that inspiration and a result of that, composing, is an important element of being a musician. How else can we understand the works of great composers, but by trying to understand and experiment with the natural process of composing? These sketches for orchestral mallet instruments are the result of that exploration.

I charged myself with these simple instructions:

The music should be musically attractive to practise and to perform, it should contain educational elements, be demanding in a technical sense, have a relation to the repertoire and be appealing to the listener. Originally intended as a xylophone book, I discovered many of the sketches would fit the other orchestral mallet instruments also perfectly."

Nick Woud

Solo Timpanis of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

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