Saint-Saens, Camille/Ferriere, Adelaide: Danse Macabre for Marimba and Piano

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Danse Macabre for Marimba and Piano - 7 Min.; bearbeitet von Adelaide Ferriere; schwer


Duration. approx. 7 min.
Arranged and adapted by Adélaïde Ferrière

The well known symphonic poem 'Danse Macabre', originally written in its orchestral version, was also arranged by the composer for two pianos.

That gave me the idea to arrange the work with the marimba instead of the piano as a keyboard duo.

Part of this work was reduced for the first piano part in order for the arrangement to be playable without losing too many information from the original musical text.

Sometimes, I had to reverse the two parts when the text was too dense to be played on the marimba, so marimba played the second piano.

This duo works pretty well in the spirit of this skeleton Danse, imitating the bones noise, advancing the piano in this continuous waltz.


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