Riggi, Giacomo: Gary Burton Collection: Classic Solos Transcribed Vol. 1

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Gary Burton Collection: Classic Solos Transcribed Vol. 1 - 46 S.;  12 berühmte Burton Soli, von Giacomo Riggi für Vibraphone oder Marimba transkripiert; schwer

THIS collection contains a series of selected transcriptions from some of Gary’s many recordings, useful for analysing his solos, understanding their logic and functionality to finally get closer to the style, phrasing and instinct of one of the jazz milestones of all times. While these are transcriptions from a vibraphonist these solos are extremely useful to musicians of any instrument, from trumpet to guitar, from saxophone to any string instrument.  THIS collection is a small tribute to a great musician, an exemplary improviser and in my opinion, the greatest vibraphone virtuoso.” Thank you Gary . . . . Giacomo Riggi

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