Steinbauer, Johannes: Philo Sophie for Vibraphone Solo

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Philo Sophie for Vibraphone Solo - 11 Min.; Fantasie in zwei Teilen; 4 Schl.; schwer


PHILO SOPHIE is a fantasy for vibraphone, which is divided into two parts. 

The first part begins celestially and mysteriously, followed by isolated, in part still fragmented “ideas”. 

In the second part, these “ideas” appear in a more structured form, transform and finally disappear into nothing. 

To give the interpretation as much freedom as possible, no dynamics are marked.  The motor should be used in both parts of the piece – the ad lib. marking prefers to the speed of the motor. 

I wish all vibraphonists a lot of fun and success with PHILO SOPHIE

Special thanks to Matti Opiola for the intensive interpretation and Thorsten Blumberg for the professional and creative production of the presentation video.

Johannes Steinbauer
Bonn, November 2021

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