Debussy, Claude/Payson, Al: Golliwog's Cakewalk for Mallet Duet

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Golliwog's Cakewalk for Mallet Duet - 3 Min.; Bearbeitung des Klaviertitels aus "The Children's Corner" von Al Payson für 2 Spieler an einer 4-Oktav-Marimba, dazu Percussion: Tom, 2 WBl., Cowb., Guiro; mittelschwer

Al Payson has arranged this piece for two player on a single marimba. In addition to marimba, there are some additional percussion effects written in the second part. Both parts are in treble clef. The second player uses 2 wood blocks, a cow bell, a guiro and a small tom-tom in addition to the marimba part.

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