Tafoya, John: Beyond the Audition Screen

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Beyond the Audition Screen - 112 S.; Probespielstellen aus 27 Orchesterwerken mit Erläuterungen; beigelegte CD-ROM enthält die kompletten Paukenstimmen als PDF; Text engl.; Werke voon Barber, Bartok, Beethoven, Copland, Orff u.v.a.

This book features 27 orchestral works currently requested at timpani auditions. The CD-ROM contains the timpani parts in .pdf format, along with annotated forScore files for the iPad. Each page includes important items to consider when preparing these orchestral works. These observations are from John Tafoya's personal experience with orchestral timpani auditions, and his vast professional experience with rehearsals and performances with world-renowned conductors. Readers will enjoy a variety of musical and technical options presented in the book, such as: edited dynamics, stickings, timpani mallet recommnedations, exercises and even a section on timpani mantenance.

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