Kalani: The Amazing Jamnasium (Buch + CD)

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Kalani: The Amazing Jamnasium (Buch + CD) - 64 S.; ergänzendes Buch zu "Together in Rhythm", Spielstücke, rhythm. Spiele u. Aktivitäten für Drum Circles; Text engl.

When spirits come together to create a joyful noise, when smiles are louder than thundering drums, when hearts and hands align in perfect harmony - you're in a Jamnasium! The Amazing Jamnasium features a unique collection of rhythm-based, integrative games and activities, designed to bring out the best in your participants. Create integrative learning experiences for music education, music therapy, teambuilding, health & wellness, community building or recreation. Step into a world of rhythmic joy and excitement. Step into the Jamnasium!

CATEGORY: Percussion - Miscellaneous Educational Books and Manuals

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