Cortijo, Jose: CD-ROM iPlay Cajon Vol. 1

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CD-ROM iPlay Cajon Vol. 1 - 11 Playalongs zu folgenden Stilrichtungen: Calypso, Shuffle, Pop, Flamenco Funk, Drum’n Bass, Half Time Shuffle, Funk, Samba, Pop Funk; unterschiedliche Schwierigkeitsgrade; alle Kompositionen als kompletter Mix sowie jeweils eine Version ohne Cajon mit Click; außerdem Partitur als PDF



iPlay Cajon Vol. I launches a new range of teaching and training materials for Cajon. The now available Vol. I offers 11 playalongs of different genres. The songs composed, produced and recorded by Prof. José J. Cortijo and Marc Küsters have different levels of difficulty. All versions are available as complete tracks as well as mixes without Cajon with click. There is also a score for each song as PDF. The cajon solos have been completely transcribed for those of you who want to play these, too.


  • 11 Playalongs
  • Printable Cajonsheets
  • Fully transcribed Cajonsolos

Songs (Styles)

  • Sunny Carl Lypso (Calypso)
  • Catch The Shufflebus (Shuffle)
  • Popcorn (Pop)
  • El Sandango (Flamenco Funk)
  • Box & Knobs (Drum'n Bass)
  • Swinging Life (Half Time Shuffle)
  • Popcorn (Pop)
  • Happy Funk (Funk)
  • Rio Caixonerio (Samba)
  • Tino's Three (Pop Funk)
  • MCMXCVIII (Latin Jazz)
  • Zentation (Fusion)
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