Dentresangle, Franck: Bonga et Bongo (Buch + CD)

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Bonga et Bongo (Buch + CD) - 14 kurze Latin-Titel; kleines Set-Up (leicht, f. Anfänger), Marimba-Begleitung (4 Schl.; mittelschwer) als Noten und auf CD zum Mitspielen

Brazilian music inspired this compilation of 14 duets meant for percussion beginners. Bonga and Bongo is an approach to multi percussion work. As difficulties are gradual, these duets should be played with a chamber music feeling; the student can play with the teacher or with an upper level student or two students sharing the two marimba parts. Thanks to Brazilian percussions accompaniment as a pleasant substitute for the metronome, the CD allows the student to improve setting and rhythmical phrasing and makes him feel the groove. Teacher’s help will be needed to work on sound and movement. Bonga and Bongo may also offer pieces of music for students concerts. Work well! Marimba parts are published in a second book for upper level students.

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