Psathas, John: One Study, One Summary for Solo Percussion and tape

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12 Min.; 2 Sätze, geschr. für Pedro Carneiro; Marimba, 3 Peking Gongs, 2 chin. Bck., WBl., 3 Salatschüsseln, 3 Bratpfannen, Wok; schwer

One Study One Summary is a work for solo percussionist and tape, and having been composed for Pedro Carneiro, takes advantage of the performer’s collection of ‘junk percussion’.
As the title suggests, it is cast in two movements, and while the work exhibits the ‘busy’ motoric textures for which Psathas is well-known, reflective, atmospheric textures predominate throughout.
One Study One Summary was commissioned by Pedro Carneiro with funding support from Creative New Zealand. Carneiro gave the premiere of the work in a concert of music by Xenakis and Psathas during the 2005 Rhythm Sticks Festival, London, on 16 July 2005.


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