Campbell, James: Garage Drummer for Percussion & Tape (Buch + CD)

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Garage Drummer by James Campbell was inspired by memories of rock band jam sessions (commonly known as garage bands) held in various household basements and garages. The occupants of the host household, at first, notice little more than random noises and feedback seeping through the walls of their living room. As the jam session unfolds, the drummer's experiments with sounds, grooves, and fills increase with confidence and join a cacophony of wild guitar, bass, and keyboard riffs. As usual, the drummer not only ends up driving the band, but also drives the occupants out of the house! Garage Drummer won first place in the 2005 PAS Composition Contest and was premiered by Rob Parks.

Number of Players: 1 (w/ accompanying CD)
Difficulty: Grade 5+
Instrumentation: Horizontal bass drum (20"-24"), medium-low tom, medium-high tom, snare drum, bongos, small suspended cymbal (splash or trash), resonant "trashy" metal (opera gong), crotales (low octave preferred), and dry cowbell.


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