Leuschner, Benjamin: MalleTechno for Marimba and Multiple Percussion

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MalleTechno for Marimba and Multiple Percussion - 7'15 Min.; Marimba (Umfang B-B"), Bass Drum, Thai Gong (d"), Tamburin, HiHat, Thunder Sheet (oder Tam-Tam); schwer


Written in the typical style of techno music, “MalleTechno” translates techno features into an acoustic piece scored for marimba with additional drumset and percussion instruments. Besides “experimental” striking techniques (striking with the opposite end of the mallet, open and muted strokes) and a moderately difficult 4-mallet technique, the piece challenges the student/player to keep up sustained rhythmic patterns and a coordination that in part is fairly complex, integrating components of setup playing (bass drum with foot pedal, additional percussion instruments).

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