Cals, Michel: Quatre Inventions pour Percussion et Piano

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Quatre Inventions pour Percussion et Piano - 8 Min.; Vibra, Claves, 6 TBl., 3 Toms, 2 Bongos, Becken, Guiro, Maracas, Tam, 2 Triangel, Xylorimba, Kl.Tr., 2 Cowbells, Gr.Tr., 5 Pauken. Schwer

Michel Cals (b. 1951) composed his Quatre Inventions for Percussion and Piano to be played in a competition at Paris Conservatoire. As an unusual, contemporary addition to the Percussion repertoire, this Cals piece is a must-play for percussionists wishing to broaden their style. The four pieces bear the name of their instrumentation; 1. Accessories and Vibraphone, 2. Xylo-Marimba, 3. Snare Drum and Drum Kit, and 4. Five Timpani. Exploiting Percussion to its full potential, Cals' Quatre Inventions is essential to the repertoire of advanced percussionists.

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