Kopetzki, Eckhard: Three Pieces for Clarinet & Percussion

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Three Pieces for Bb Clarinet & Percussion - 2 Sätze Marimba; 1 Satz Percussion: Tam-Tam, Bass Drum, 2 Tin Cans, 2 Toms; schwer

Bb Clarinet, marimba low A, tam-tam, bass drum, 2 tin cans, 2 toms

The 1st and 2nd movements of Three Pieces for Clarinet and Percussion are more a conflict of the two players; the 3rd movement brings it to a "happy end".  The main compositional element of the 1st movement is the motif of echoes used in different ways.  The Marimba repeats chords, interrupted by irregular rests; also once with an inaudible “echo” dampening of the chords.  These rhythmical phrases are repeated by the clarinet with a great spectrum of dynamics.  This dialog of echoes is interrupted by a dance-like part, in which the Clarinet and the Marimba play together; a short echo finishes this movement.  In the 2nd movement the percussion player uses a small set-up, played with wire brushes. The intention of this movement is more like a clarinet cadence, interrupted by some rhythmical break-outs of the percussion player, ending mostly with a fade.  After the "conflict" of the 1st and 2nd movements, the Clarinet and Marimba combine in the 3rd movement to a "love song", repeating some ideas of the 1st and 2nd movement, but now ending in harmony.

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