Fisher, Salina: Komorebi for Violin and Vibraphone

Fisher, Salina: Komorebi for Violin and Vibraphone

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Komorebi for Violin and Vibraphone - 8 Min.; Vibra 4 Schlägel + 2 Bögen; schwer



This work is published for study and performance. The performance set includes a saddle-stitched performance score book for reference and two loose-leaf parts for the performers.

About the work:

Komorebi’s sustained violin harmonics mix with the glow of a repeated three-note vibraphone figure that gently pushes the piece along. Soaring, patiently held violin lines dominate the first half of the piece, punctuated with aching glissandi descents. The second half of the work is a wander through a dream-like senza misura passage, with sonorities intermingling as the vibraphone’s elastic, rolling gestures and bowed keys converse with the violin’s harmonic tremolos and delicately expressive statements.

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