Beall, Andrew: Deliverance for Marimba and Timpani

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"Complex rhythms, meter changes, technical virtuosity, and expressive passages...if you're looking for a challenge, this work will wow audiences!" - George Frock, Professor Emeritus, University of Texas at Austin, review in PAS News

"The marimba/timpani duet “Deliverance” is intriguing because the composer has combined two dissimilar timbres by skillfully interweaving them into a musical unit" - PAS News

The System. It’s there. Every moment a new human life—with all of its own unique creativity and potential—enters the world. Yet in that world an ancient complex scheme prevails: societal principles, beliefs, and norms organized, so deeply ingrained that soon the new life is squeezed into conforming to the structure. The Machine. Individually its components are worthy: obey rules, honor thy parents, respect mankind, go to school, get a higher education, graduate, become a success, make lots of money, make friends, support good causes, find true love, work hard, never give up, experience life to its fullest. Its existence fosters order and equilibrium. Yet a high price is paid as the System smothers individuality and creativity. If you don’t conform, then you’re often discarded by society. Can we break away before the Machine traps us forever? Can we find deliverance before our personal freedoms vanish? Hope, courage, and confidence must be aroused to challenge the unrelenting System. Take heart and release yourself . . . find the road less traveled . . . think out of the box . . . explore diversity . . . follow your instinct . . . let go . . . and deliver yourself from the System.

The following clip features Andrew Beall on marimba and Jonathan Goldstein on timpani:



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