Landes, Gregory: 4 in the Pocket for Percussion Quartet

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4 in the Pocket for Percussion Quartet - 4 Min.; 3 TBl., Tamb., Tria., Cowb., Snare Drum, Bongos, HiHat, 2 Toms, Bass Drum; mittelschwer


4 In The Pocket is a piece that builds intricate rhythmic grooves between four distinct percussive voices. The piece begins sparsely and at a moderate tempo but quickly begins to build in both complexity and speed. The grooves themselves are a fun and challenging variety inspired by latin, modern rock shuffle and taiko drumming. The opening 20 bars of the piece should sound like the beginning of a rain storm. The drops of rain fall slowly and seemingly in a slow and random manner. They begin to grow in speed, complexity and intensity until you reach bar 21 and a basic groove begins.

The challenge of 4 In The Pocket is to have all four percussionists playing and reacting as a single performer. In other words, the grooves should sound as if a single player is creating them. The performers should look and sound as ONE and strive to make the grooves feel deep, like they are "in the pocket". This piece will certainly help in developing the percussionist's listening and ensemble skills as well as honing their inate ability to make the music feel great.


Percussion 1: 3 Temple Blocks | Triangle | Tambourine | Concert Bass Drum

Percussion 2: Snare Drum | Bongos | Hi-Hat | Ribbon Crasher 

Percussion 3: 2 Tom-Toms

Percussion 4: Bass Drum | Hi-Hat

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