Damm, Robert J.: World Beat Sonata for Percussion Sextet

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World Beat Sonata for Percussion Sextet - 5 Min.; Schlitztr., Talking Drum, Rassel, Metall-Schale, Kanne, WBl., Tria., Flexatone, Bck., 1 Pedalpauke, u.a.; schwer

"World Beat," in the title of this ensemble, scored for six players, refers to an eclectic form of contemporary music in which many diverse ethnic styles of music are combined. "Sonata," refers to a three-part design (ABA) in which the B section is a free development of the A section. This is an up-tempo work that pairs an African slit drum, talking drum and rattles with Western instruments such as triangle, woodblocks, cymbal, timpano and flexitone and makes use as well of "found" urban instruments such as tin can, saw blade, metal crasher and metal mixing bowls. This is a unique work that builds on numerous ostinato patterns, fun to play and easy listening for audiences.
adv. high school/college.

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