Russell, John: Dark Star for Percussion Octet

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Instrumentation: orchestra bells, xylophone, chimes, snare drum, bass drum, timpani, tambourine, and triangle.
This is a wonderful learning too for three-four time and the use of the triplet rhythm pattern. Bring all of the rhythmic intensity of Mars to your percussionist while incorporation a major use of dynamics, building from piano to a forte climax. This is a real student and audience pleaser. All parts are equal in difficulty. This work would make a great closer for any concert or solo and ensemble festival.

“This percussion octet is scored for glockenspiel, xylophone, chimes, snare drum, bass drum, timpani, tambourine and triangle. It begins in 3/4 but a hemeloa in the key­board parts makes the piece sound as if it is in 4/4. A simple rhythmic theme is developed throughout and the 3/4 meter soon becomes clear.
Repetition in the keyboard parts makes this a good choice for a young ensemble with inexperienced mallet players. Each part is chal­lenging, including the triangle and bass drum parts, each of which re­quire two beaters to perform. There is much dynamic contrast and rhythmic variety. This well-grafted piece has much pedagogical and musical value.”

- Tom Morgan PERCUSSIVE NOTES 2006
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