Jarvis, David: Tusk! for Percussion Ensemble (8 players)

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Scored for 8 players, Tusk draws compositionally from various aspects of African music. The instruments used include bullroars, gankogui (double bell), xylophone and various types of drums. The harmonic/melodic elements are based on a hemitonic pentatonic scale and the rhythmic patterns are inspired by various styles of African drumming - including the use of poly-rhythms and instances of call & response. This is a lively and unique work that requires each of the eight players to utilize more than one instrument during the course of the performance. Players should have a good time with this one and audiences should readily embrace it as well! Instrumentation includes: xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, and an assortment of drums (toms, congas, etc.) as well as numerous small percussion instrument; afuche, cowbell, slide whistle, bullroar, and bamboo chimes among others. adv. high school/college.
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