Faini,Phil/Mancini,Henry: Peter Gunn for Percussion Ensemble (Buch + CD) - 10 Spieler

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Peter Gunn for Percussion Ensemble (Buch + CD) - 10 Spieler + Baß + Klavier; Glsp., Vibra, Xylo, Marimba, Röhrengl., 4 Pk., Drums, 5 TBl., Guiro, WBl.; leicht; Begleit-CD enthält Aufnahme + Probetips zu "Peter Gunn" und 4 weiteren Titeln der Serie

For eight players. An imaginative arrangement of the Henry Mancini hit -- this time for percussion ensemble. The Phil Faini arrangement is easy, and a CD recording of the piece, with suggested rehearsal tips, is included with each copy. A FUN piece, highly recommended. Instrumentation: bells, vibes, xylophone, marimba, chimes, slapstick, piano, bass, timpani, drum set, accessories (temple blocks, guiro, woodblock).

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