DeLucia, Dennis: Percussion Discussion (Buch + CD)

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The Percussion Discussion Master Edition now includes a CD-Rom that contains a 35-minute clinic-lesson given by Mr. DeLucia. Dennis covers everything in this clinic from the grip to his "Five T's" and "Three R's".

You also get to eavesdrop on a private lesson with a student as Dennis goes through some of the basic snare drum fundamentals. This is a great tool for the band director, private teacher and student to witness one of the "Greats"informal and educational methods of teaching.

The CD-Rom also includes audio files of several music selections throughout the book.Great for college percussion method courses and beginning to intermediate drum-line instruction!

The Master Edition includes:

  • Reading - Including Simple Duets And Full Ensemble Rhythm Exercises
  • 75 Rudiments And "Rudiment Development Exercises"
  • 12 Ensemble Warm-Up Exercises
  • Elementary Keyboard And Timpani Exercises
  • Independence Exercises
  • Drumset Grooves For Marching Percussion
  • (3) Cadences
  • A Complete Marching Percussion Feature
  • An Accompanying 26-Minute Compact Disc Narrated By Mr. DeLucia!
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