CD McCormick Percussion Group: Concerti for Strings with Percussion Orchestra

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Concerti for Strings with Percussion Orchestra - 59 Min.; Smith, Nightshade; Sekhan, Lou; Liptak, Concerto f. Viola & Perc.; Timpson, Concerto f. Zheng and Perc. Orch.; Adams, Camouflage f. Contrabass and Perc. Trio

CONCERTI WITH STRINGS WITH PERCUSSION ORCHESTRA is the fourth Ravello release from the McCormack Percussion Group. Featuring a series of works for solo string with percussion ensemble, this album further highlights the Group's dedication to furthering the repertoire and performance of percussion instruments. This release includes Baljinder Sekhon's Lou, Stuart Saunders Smith's Nightshade, David Liptak's Concerto for Viola and Percussion, Michael Sidney Timpson's DongXiDongXi, and Daniel Adams' Camouflage.

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