CD Cahn, William: The Solo Percussionist

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Partita for Solo Percussion, performed by Patricia Dash, percussion/timpani *1. Boureé (4:03) *2. Sarabande (2:25) *3. Gigue (2:35) 4. The Recital Piece, performed by Robin Engelman, percussion/narration 5. Raga No. 1 for Solo Timpani, performed by Ruth Cahn, timpani/tambura 6. "...wo'n't you join the dance?" performed by Michael Udow, percussion and James VanDemark, double bass Nara for Solo Percussion, performed by Russell Hartenberger, percussion *7. I. Todaiji - The Hall of the Great Buddha (2:15) *8. II. Ceremonial Dance (3:30) *9. III. Sacred Deer (3:27) *10. IV. Nigatsudo - The Temple On The Hill (2:15) *11. V. Shiteno - The Guardians of the Temple (5:16) 12. In Ancient Temple Gardens (12"54) performed by Bob Becker, xylophone/percussion and Joseph Werner, piano

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