CD Daugherty, Michael: Raise the Roof u.a. (Haithcock, Univ. of Michigan)

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This compilation represents works that I composed over the past decade (1997-2007) which were commissioned by the University of Michigan. It is exciting to hear these compositions performed by the University of Michigan Symphony Band in the historic Hill Auditorium, hailed as a "monument to perfect acoustics", with the magnificent Frieze Memorial Organ.

Collaborating with the marvelous musicians of the University of Michigan School of Music and conductors of the University of Michigan Symphony Band Michael Haithcock (2001-present) and H. Robert Reynolds (1975-2001), has been a rewarding experience which continues to be a source of musical inspiration. Enjoy!

Michael Daugherty

Since the arrival of William D. Revelli in 1935, the practice of commissioning new music for band and working closely with composers has been a feature of the University of Michigan Symphony Band's artistic profile. These endeavors have helped create a large body of literature in addition to providing generations of students insight into the workings of many creative minds.

The consistent opportunity to work together in a "laboratory" setting with Michael Daugherty has continued this tradition and has allowed a deeply personal exchange of ideas between the composer, conductor, and performers. The composer and I are tremendously indebted to the members of the University of Michigan Symphony Band who worked so ardently on this project over the course of three years (2005-2007).

Rehearsing, performing, and recording with these uniquely gifted students through the lens of Michael Daugherty's creative genius has truly been an experience to be treasured!

Michael Haithcock

1 Asclepius (2007) Fanfare for Brass and Percussion 5:35
2 Raise the Roof (2007) for Timpani and Symphonic Band Andre Dowell, Timpani 13:01
3 Bells for Stokowski (2002) for Symphonic Band Peermusic Classical 12:55
4 -7 Brooklyn Bridge(2005) for Clarinet and Symphonic Band Michael Wayne, Clarinet 26:08
4 East (Brooklyn) 7:11
5 South (Statue of Liberty) 8:11
6 West (Lower Manhattan skyline once dominated by the World Trade Towers) 3:13
7 North (Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and Rockefeller Center) 7:33
8 Niagara Falls (1997) for Symphonic Band 9:42
Total Playing Time 66:26
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