CD Qiao, Jia Jia: The Alchemist

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The Alchemist - Broström, Arena (Soloversion); Stankovych, Amazonka; Smirno, Mirrors of Emptiness; Reina, Alchemist's Wisdom; Leth, The Chrystal. Jia Jia Qiao, Marimba & Percussion

Year of publication: 2008
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Jia Jia Qiao

When she was eleven years old Jia Jia passed the audition to be a percussion student at The Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Years later she graduated and got the job as classical Chinese percussion teacher at the same institution, which she still holds today. She has devoted herself to the performance of contemporary music written for her by Asian and western composers. Her knowledge of both traditions and her enthusiasm for new challenges enables her to perform different aesthetics of today’s music with formidable ease, accuracy and passion.

She is considered one of the best Asian percussionists of contemporary music. In September 2008, Jia Jia Qiao realized a long tour in Scandinavia, closing it with a concert at the New Opera House in Copenhagen. In this tour she world-premiered three pieces that the audience greatly acclaimed and led to a huge success of this tour. Together with Edition Svitzer Jia Jia decided to record the complete concert program, which gave birth to her debut album - The Alchemist.

Wang Yunyue (piano)

Was born in Beijing. At the age of twelve she was enrolled in the Central Conservatory of Music to study piano under the well-known piano teachers Prof. Zhou Guangren and Prof. Zhong Hui. Nowadays she is teaching at this conservatory. As a performance teacher, she has been being awarded with the ‘Students excellent performance’, and she’s recorded several CDs.

Tracklist (as in the medley)

01 - MIRRORS OF EMPTINESS, by Grigory Smirnov - for solo marimba and digital delay
02 - ARENA, Solo Version, by Tobias Broström - for solo percussion
03 - AMAZONKA, by Yevhen Stankovych - for solo marimba

04 - THE CRYSTAL, arr. by Max Leth - for solo vibraphone
05 - THE ALCHEMIST’S WISDOM, by Rafael Reina - for percussion and piano






Sound Engineer & Producer: Tobias Broström
Studio: FM-Produktion
Recorded in Copenhagen 17-19 September 2008
Liner notes: Johan Svitzer & Vanessa Goad
Photo, Makeup & Poetry: Josefine Jönsson
Cover: Kristopher Tophøj Rasmussen &
Thomas Hoffmann Duvander



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