CD Currie, Colin: Borrowed Time

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Colin Currie
Borrowed Time

COLIN CURRIE percussion

Music by Dave Maric            
featuring Hakan Hardenberger
Predicaments (2003)
1 I  Nomad    05:29
2  II Deadlock    04:34
Colin Currie with Dave Maric piano
Lucid Intervals (2006)
3  I Part 1    03:57
4  II  Part 2    04:25
5 III  Part 3    02:17
Colin Currie with Hakan Hardenberger 
flugelhorn and trumpet
6 Sense & Innocence (2002)  10:11
Colin Currie  live and sampled percussion
Shapeshifter (2001)   07:18
Colin Currie with Sam Walton percussion
Borrowed Time (2003)   10:00
Colin Currie with Clive Driskill-Smith organ
Trilogy (2000)
9  I Concentrics    05:25
10  II Pelogy     04:06
11  III Tamboo    03:37
Colin Currie live and sampled percussion
Total time   61.36
Very special release showcasing Colin Currie, Britain's, and probably the world's foremost percussionist, in a superb new album of new works composed especially for him by leading composer Dave Maric and featuring world-renowned classical trumpeter non pareil Håkan Hardenberger.
This album works on many levels and varied sound worlds, combining live and sampled percussion, the whole range of tuned and untuned percussion, and with instruments that complement especially well, including Hardenberger’s trumpet and flugelhorn, the organ of Westminster Abbey and Maric on piano.
Colin Currie has many pieces written for him including by Michael Nyman, Thea Musgrave and Michael Torke. His first album was released on EMI and he has since recorded Torke and Macmillan's Veni, Veni, Emmanuel for Naxos with great success. Trilogy is Colin’s party piece, which he plays live more than any other work and always brings the house down. 
Dave Maric has written for and collaborated on disc with the Labeques and Viktoria Mullova and has been writing for Currie since 2000.

Free Samples
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1. Predicaments: I Nomad
2. Lucid Intervals: II Part 2
3. Sense and Innocence
4. Borrowed Time
5. Trilogy: III Tamboo

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