CD Jackson, Milt & Wes Montgomery: Bags meets Wes (1961)

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Milt Jackson and Wes Montgomery were made to play together. Each had redefined the technical and expressive capacities of their respective instruments, displayed limitless melodic invention and rhythmic resourcefulness, and provided models of honest, unaffected soul. Their pairing occurred when Jackson joined Montgomery as a Riverside recording artist in 1961 and placed them amidst what amounted to the label’s house rhythm section of Wynton Kelly, Sam Jones and Philly Joe Jones. Included in the program of standards and originals is a classic line by each leader, Montgomery’s “Jingles” (one of three tracks also heard in alternate takes) and Jackson’s saucy blues “S.K.J.” The entire session is a model of relaxed, conversational blowing by five masters.


1. S.K.J.

2. Stablemates

3. Stairway To The Stars (take 3)

4. Stairway To The Stars (take 2)

5. Blue Roz

6. Sam Sack

7. Jingles (take 9)

8. Jingles (take 8)

9. Delilah (take 4)

10. Delilah (take 3)

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