CD Krupa, Gene: Drumming Man

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1. Leave Us Leap
2. Tuxedo Junction
3. Drummin' Man
4. That's What You Think
5. Tiger Rag
6. Knock Me A Kiss
7. Bolero At The Savoy
8. That Feeling In The Moonlight
9. I Don't Want To Be Loved
10. Chickery Chick
11. Just A Little Fond Affection
12. Just The Other Day
13. We'll Gather Lilacs
14. Ev'rybody Loves My Baby My Baby
15. There Is No Breeze
16. It's A Good Day
17. Aren't You Glad We Did
18. Slow Mosquita
19. Dreams Are A Dime A Dozen
20. How High The Moon
21. Same Old Blues
22. Up An Atom
23. Old Devil Moon
24. Calling Doctor Gillespie
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