CD Krupa, Gene: Wire Brush Stomp

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1. The last round-up
2. Jazz me blues
3. Blues of Israel
4. Three little words
5. Barrelhouse
6. The world is waiting for the sunrise
7. I hope Gabriel likes my music
8. Mutiny in the parlor
9. I'm gonna clap my hands
10. Swing is here
11. I know that you know
12. Apurksody
13. Nagasaki
14. Quiet and roll 'em
15. Wire brush stomp
16. The madam swings it
17. Jungle madness
18. Ta-ra-ra-boom-der-e
19. Blue rhythm fantasy
20. Drummin' man

Total Playing Time: 50:24

Berry, Chu; Caldwell, Anne; Delaney, Tom; Donahue, Sam; Eldridge, Roy; Farley, Ed; Franklin, Dave; Hill, Billy; Hill, Elton; Krupa, Gene; Lawnhurst, Vee; Lockhart, Gene; Martin, Skip; Parham, Tiny; Richards, Johnny; Riley, Mike; Ruby, Harry; Russell, Henry; Sayers, Henry J.; Seitz, Ernest; Stacy, Jess; Warren, Harry; Willett, Chappie; Youmans, Vincent

Gene Krupa Orchestra

Gene Krupa Chicagoans, Gene Krupa Swing Band

Crosby, Israel; Day, Irene; Krupa, Gene; Stacy, Jess; Ward, Helen; Watson, Leo

Label: Naxos Jazz Legends

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