CD Haas, Christoph: Maracatu

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Maracatu drums & sax (1997) - Chr.Haas, perc, voc; Nikola Lutz, sax, fl.; R. Kuschel, A.Reith, M.Stage, B.Klein, perc.; u.a.

During carnival the lively Maracatú-Bands (Percussion and brass) roam through the streets of Olinda, an ancient but beautifully restored city in the northeastern part of Brasil. 'Drums n' Sax' is the first recording of a german project which effectfully adapts not only the maracatú, samba and frevo elements from brazil, but also a variety of influences from renaissance dances to arabian trance-rhythms and HipHop.

1. Meditation & Ekstase...5.51

2. Maracatu Luanda...9.01

3. Rattenfänger...5.59

4. Go Tin Go...8.41

5. Samba Saidi...7.29

6. Rap B#...6.16

7. Nino & Federico...5.40

8. Yemanja...8.57

9. Samba Salgueirico...7.01

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