Video Weckl, Dave/Reyes, W.: Drums and Percussion Part 2

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Working It Out Part II shows how drums and percussion work together to create a groove. You see Dave and Walfredo work out parts for different feels and styles of music and then watch a band featuring John Peña and Otmaro Ruiz perform them. Many styels are covered, from reggae to various Latin rhythms. Includes some great solos from Dave and Walfredo's unique drumset playing which integrates Latin percussion on the drumkit.

Dave Weckl is one of the most respected drummers in music. His seven years of touring and recording with the Chick Corea Elektric Band has gained him worldwide acclaim. Dave has recorded numerous albums and soundtracks including two solo albums for GRP Records, Masterplan and Heads Up.
Walfredo De los Reyes, Sr. was born in Havana, Cuba and has had an extensive career playing both drumset and percussion. He pioneered the first recordings of descargas (Cuban Jam Session) with bassist Israel Lopez (Cachao) and has played and recorded with Tito Puente, Beni More, Sammy Davis Jr., and Linda Rondstandt, to name a few. He has been the percussionist with Wayne Newton for the past eighteen years and has played on many soundtracks including The Mambo Kings.
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